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Harith’s Dog Passed Away

Lawyer and comedian, Harith Iskander could not hide his sadness following the death of a hooded dog named Marvella, who was adopted since the middle of last year.

The two-legged dog was kept and treated after it was rescued by a Muslim woman, Nurul Ain Abdul Hamid.

Through the latest post on his Instagram account, Harith shared his grief with his followers about the heartbreaking news of Marvella’s death.

“It was a sad day and with a heavy heart I would like to inform everyone that Marvella is no longer with us.

“He was present in our lives in June last year and continues to be a part of this family. He is kind, brave and very friendly. He seemed unaware of his veiled condition.

“We are grateful to Nurul Ain for rescuing her and allowing her to be with us. Thank you Marvella for teaching us the meaning of gratitude. Thank you for bringing a smile to us, ”he wrote.

Previously, Harith’s action of providing protection to the animal provoked various reactions among netizens when many disputed his act of holding the dog.

However, there are many who give positive support to the effort to save the unfortunate animal involved and give new life to Marvella.

The comedian once made a post on Instagram that he was not at all impressed by the public’s criticism while insisting that he is still a Muslim who believes in humanity.

“From the beginning, Marvella’s life was very tragic. Left and abused, yet the glory of a human heart, manages to save him.

“Marvella is a fighter and even though the start is difficult, but she is the most loving animal.

“If I am in a position to be able to help this two-legged dog live better, I will help him because Islam, which I believe in, allows us to have compassion and do good,” he wrote.


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