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M’sian in SG shocked after discovering the Maggi Goreng there were Red Coloured

Social NewsM'sian in SG shocked after discovering the Maggi Goreng there were Red...

Malaysian and Singaporean had long been arguing who’s food is better. Nonetheless, the food from both the countries share the same name, but looks and taste different.

Recently, a Malaysian man who travelled to Singapore was startled after he ordered a Maggi Goreng there. He got a shock of his life after discovering that the packet of noodles were bright red with an egg on the side.

He took his experience to Facebook and captioned “I ordered Maggi goreng here (Singapore) for the first time. I didn’t know it would look like this. I’m never buying this again.”

Source: Facebook

According to Mustsharenews, the netizen later explained that the Maggi Goreng doesn’t taste bad. However, the bright red noodles were not exactly what he expect them to be, since it was his first time ordering it in Singapore.

Nonetheless, he was traumatised and he probably would not order it again for the second time.

In the comments, the netizen said that he finally mustered his courage to order Maggi Goreng from the same stall for the second time. However, he told the the chef to cook it the “Malaysian style” and this time, it turned out just as what he expected.

Source: Facebook

The post quickly went viral on social media a the post had garnered over 2,000 likes, 800 comments and 600 shares at the time of writing. One of the netizens even commented that the red Maggi Goreng looked like ‘rubber band goreng’, while another one said that the noodles looked like blood worms used for feeding fish.

Source: Facebook

If you are curious of what makes the Maggi Goreng red, according to Yahoo News, a mamak stall hawker in Singapore shared that a special sauce were being used to cook the noodles to make it bright red and give customers a perception that it is spicy.

No matter what colour it is, Maggi noodles are still the food that both Malaysians and Singaporeans love. We could have different styles in serving Maggi Goreng, however, it is both delicious in our own way!

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