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Education Ministry plans to Preserve and Broaden the use of our National Language, BM

NewsEducation Ministry plans to Preserve and Broaden the use of our National...

The Minister of Education, Datuk Dr Mohd Radzi Jidin at the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka’s (DBP) 65th Anniversary celebrations said that the Ministry through the DBP Strategic Plan from 2021 to 2025, will make the Bahasa Melayu the language for business and the economy, with the intention to preserve and broaden the use of the Malay language and its literature.

According to Bernama, Radzi said “DBP’s big responsibility is upholding the Malay language, pursuant to Article 152 of the Federal Constitution, which stipulates Bahasa Melayu as the national language, and based on this the strategic plan has been developed.”

“For the success of this plan, commitment, determination, unity, diligence, and the cooperation of all parties, especially the top management and staff of DBP, are needed to achieve the set targets.” he said.

Source: PN BCC

In addition, the DBP had through the digital platforms diversified its approach to promote heritage library content, such as the poems, proverbs and idioms.

“In terms of publishing, of course, there are ups and downs. I am confident that DBP is on the right track to face the challenges of the digital world in producing quality publications.” he added.

Nonetheless, the DBP director-general, Datuk Abang Sallehuddin Abang Shokeran said that the Covid-19 pandemic had opened up new working methods at DBP, by digitalising most of its programmes and implementing them online.

“This is a new narrative brought by DBP, on how to develop and build the Malay language using new methods; the new narrative for digitisation involves the workings and operations of DBP, without forgetting the conventional publishing business that will continue to be implemented by DBP.”

“Digitisation is one of the efforts to strengthen the delivery system in the future, and it requires DBP staff to move fast, think creatively and master new technologies, to ensure that the new media we use will be utilised effectively and optimally.” he said.

Meanwhile, the DBP had invited the public to understand the basis of the establishment of the agency in conjunction to their 65th anniversary. He added that the agency had been constructing and developing of the national language and its literature since 1956.

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