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Dedicated Malaysian Teacher calls up each of his Students for being absent for a Quiz

Social NewsDedicated Malaysian Teacher calls up each of his Students for being absent...

Online learning is a challenge to both teachers and students, where students may face difficulties in learning subjects which required face-to-face teaching, and teachers facing the issue whereby students not showing up, or not listening to the classes as they should have.

Recently, a netizen, who goes by the name Izzati Ilyasa, shared a video on TikTok of the situations her father faced while classes are conducted online.

In the short video, she showed that there were only 10 out of 30 students who attended his morning class. Despite having more than half of the students being absent, he did not gave up and gave each an every of the students who were absent a call to remind them to not miss the quiz that he was about to conduct.

espite that, his efforts were in vain as only 2 students responded to his call. At the same time, one of his student even gave him an excuse that was utterly unacceptable.

She also shared that his father had shared the link to the quiz in the WhatsApp group on the night before, however, none of them had responded to him.

Source: TikTok

“The test will start from 8 a.m. and ends on 9 a.m. ”

“Please click the link I have provided to start the mid-year test.”

“You may start answering now.”

“Where is everyone? Nobody is answering the test yet.”

“Can you join the test? Please respond.”

Source: TikTok

In another screenshot she shared, it appeared as the conversation between her father and one of his students, where he said that one of their classmates refused to join the class because he was lazy.

“Greetings Sir, Lann said he doesn’t want to join your class tomorrow. He said he was lazy.”

Yet, the teacher refuses to give up and he made phone calls to those who did not show up for the quiz, just in cast they overslept. Unfortunately, only 2 of them picked up his call.

The short video had went viral as netizens praised his Izzati’s father for being such a dedicated teacher and that he doesn’t deserve this kind of response from the students.

A few days later, Izzati in the comments said that the students who claim he was lazy has apologized to her father, as well as for the rest of his students who was absent.

Nonetheless, we should not treat our teachers with this kind of attitude as all they wanted were for their student’s better future.

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