Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Netizen urge to help Young Man who is selling Burgers in Rain at Shah Alam Traffic

Social NewsNetizen urge to help Young Man who is selling Burgers in Rain...

The pandemic had caused many to lost their jobs and many of them are willing to go all out just to make a living for their loved ones and themselves.

Recently, local celebrity, Azad Jasmin who was driving pass a traffic light in Shah Alam, spotted a young man who was standing at the junction and selling burgers even though it was a raining heavily out there.

In the video, it can be seen that the young man was completely drenched in the rain. In addition, he said that the scene was unbearable for him to watch and he decide to buy some burgers from him to relief his burden.

As he shared his story on Instagram, he wrote in the caption “Help lah, whoever who passes through Shah Alam, help this boy, he doesn’t ask for money, he just asks that when you see him, to buy his burgers. You help him, Allah is guaranteed to help you.”

“While we have it easy at home, they are out there trying to make a living in the heavy rain,” Azad added.

Nonetheless, the small businesses are those that were most heavily impacted by the pandemic as they weren’t allowed to operate, nor they have enough income to sustain their living expenses.

This is especially true for the hawkers and vendors who sell food by the roadside. A simple purchase could probably help them feed themselves and their families.

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