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M’sian Youtuber Drama: Sunny Coco apologises, while YBB insists on pursuing the Matter

Social NewsM'sian Youtuber Drama: Sunny Coco apologises, while YBB insists on pursuing the...

The Malaysian Youtuber drama between Yang Bao Bei (YBB) and Lim Shangjin (LSJ) was relighted after YBB lodged a police report and accused LSJ of sexual harassment. Nonetheless, this got LSJ summoned and detained by the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) on Friday (18 June).

While he was being brought to the courts the next day, he remained calm and he even waved to the press while walking to the courts.

After the courts released LSJ yesterday (19 June), he in return lodge a police report against YBB and stated that her accusations about him sexual harassing her were not true and he decided to sue her for defamation. He too, will let the police officers to investigate the case and present the truth to the public.

Source: Facebook

At the same time, another Malaysian public figure, Sunny Seow who previously dig his legs into the matter and supported YBB had unexpectedly turn the tides and apologised to LSJ.

He had in a live video, openly slapped LSJ in his “response to YBB” video and claimed that LSJ is not being gentlemen enough to just swallow all of YBB’s accusations and instead, accuse YBB of lying to the public.

Even though the matter does not involve him, his decision to interfere with someone else’s matter had backfired, when LSJ had sent him a lawyer letter of demand, requesting him to take down the video and to apologise.

Yesterday night (19 June), Sunny Seow had when on live on Facebook to apologise to LSJ and state that he should not interfere with the matter between YBB and LSJ. At the same time, he admitted that he do now know LSJ was before, as well as the support that he had. After he received a request from his support, he had got no choice but to shut his mouth and let the 2 continue with what they intend to do.

On the other hand, YBB, who had lost her support from Sunny Seow, said that she will pursue the matter and insist that LSJ did sexually harassed her. She then admitted that the chances of her winning the battle would be slim as she do not have sufficient evidence to show that the incident did happened.

Nevertheless, she said that she did stole the IC of her friend, however, she was not the mastermind behind it. She did mention that the mobile phone and IC was with someone else, and they did not wanted to return them.


What’s left now is to follow the proceedings of the court and wait for their announcement!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Watch the apology from Sunny Seow here:

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