Wednesday, March 22, 2023

M’sian man found himself trapped in Bank after Doors auto lock at 8 p.m.

Social NewsM'sian man found himself trapped in Bank after Doors auto lock at...

The standard operating procedure (SOP) of the Full Movement Control Order (FMCO) restricts all businesses to continue operate after 8 p.m. and this applies to the banks too.

Recently, a video on social media had went viral as the man in the video was trapped in the bank while he was withdrawing cash at the ATM machine. It is believed that as soon as he is done with the ATM, it so happened to be 8 p.m. sharp, where the auto-lock system in place is activated.


In the video, the man weren’t able to open the glass door after he tried pressing on the door button. To make things worse, the security curtain started rolling down and lock the man inside.

Feeling helpless, the man stood back and did not do anything. It was all caught in the video, and it wasn’t sure whether the person recording it contacted the bank officer to open the gates to release him.

Meanwhile, netizens find this hilarious and commented “Dreams do come true. Now you can sleep surrounded by all that money.”

Source: Facebook

Nonetheless, there were other netizens who commented it not many get a chance to sleep with so much cash, and they would like to give it a try too!

On the other hand, we do not encourage netizens to attempt this as there were no toilets in the ATM area and you’ll need to hold it in until the next morning.

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