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Mat Rempit in Kelantan crashes into a Lorry and dies on the spot

NewsMat Rempit in Kelantan crashes into a Lorry and dies on the...

Leave the stunts to the professionals who got all the safety measures in place. These Mat Rempits will never learn that their actions on the roads brings only danger to not only themselves, but to the public too.

Yesterday (19 June), a mat rempit was caught on tape, performing a “superman” stunt on his motorcycle had crashed into a lorry while he was performing a u-turn in front of the Masjid Bandar Satelit, Pasir Tumboh junction.

Unfortunately, the rider did not manage to survive as he sustained a serious head injury.

Watch the video of the victim here before the accident happened.

In the short clip, the victim can be seen to be riding dangerously, and he is not even wearing a helmet. He is clearly putting himself and the public in danger, for not complying with the traffic rules.

Meanwhile, the motorcycle is swerving left and right and it does not seem that he had full control of his vehicle.


When the driver who recorded him reach the said junction, she found that the rider crashed into a lorry and the public was there to provide assistance.

According to the Facebook page, Pasir Tumboh Fire and Rescue Department Chief, Taraff Mohd Bin Zachariah said that they received a report of the accident and they confirmed that the victim died on the spot after a blow to his head.

Source: Facebook

Nonetheless, let us all make this an awareness so that incidents like this will not repeat in the future.

Performing stunts may be an interest of an individual, however, we would advice that it should be done at a controlled environment, whereby safety measures had been taken into consideration.

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