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Firefighter in Sarawak assaulted by Locals for Arriving Late at Scene

Social NewsFirefighter in Sarawak assaulted by Locals for Arriving Late at Scene

When an emergency happens, our very first reaction would be to help out, or to reach to the phone and dial for the emergency numbers. Even so, those on duty would need to prepare themselves and rush to the scene as soon as possible to those who require help.

Despite them reacting in time, it is unreasonable to expect them to arrive at the scene immediately.

Yesterday (20 June), a video that was circulating on social media had got the attention of the public as the the firefighters on duty had been assaulted by the villagers as they failed to keep their heads calm.

In the video, it can be seen that a man from the village charging at the firefighter on duty and knock him down. The firefighter holding the hose immediate reacted and pointed the hose at the man, urging him to retreat and not cause further harm.

After a short while, another man appeared behind the pillar and he prepares to charge at the firefighter. Fortunately, the firefighter spotted him and pointed the hose at him, leaving the man no opening for attack.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Eventually, the fire was put out by the firefighters. However, it seems that the villagers were still unhappy about it as they weren’t able to save their belongings.

Meanwhile, according to the Lawas Fire And Rescue Department Deputy Chief, Tiong Ling Hii, they have lodge a police report regarding the incident and will leave the case to the police officers to investigate.

Nonetheless, we should praise the men in uniform for carrying out their duty no matter how tough the situation is.

As a reminder to all, though it is an emergency, the public servants are always giving their best to serve you. Despite that, please be considerate and understand that there could be several situations where they are rushing to the scene.

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