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M’sian Youtuber Drama: YBB accuses Lim Shangjin for sexual harassment and got him arrested by PDRM

When we all thought that the drama died down, the Malaysian YouTubers, Yang Bao Bei (YBB) and Lim Shangjin (LSJ) had started exchanging fires just a few days ago. The drama happened when YBB attempted suicide and was rescued by the firefighters, and subsequently being sent into hospital for treatment.

This was when her wrong-doings were being found by her close friends and netizens, and some stood up to expose and condemn her of her wrong-doings. Among those that were exposed were YBB borrowing money from everybody around her, alleged stealing her friend’s Identification Card (IC) to borrow from loan sharks, scamming netizens by selling them second-hand handbags, and the list just goes on.

Since then, the relationship between YBB and LSJ had deteriorate until a stage where there is no turning back.

On Thursday (17 June), LSJ was reported to be arrested by the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), and it was clear that YBB had been lodging reports about him. Yesterday (18 June), following the procedures, LSJ was brought to the court in Petaling Jaya.

While YBB had a hard time convincing people of her accusations, netizens said that it was a tactic that YBB uses to distract netizens from remembering her alleged crimes. Since June, YBB has been targeting LSJ on Instagram and repeatedly accused him of sexual harassment, which she said that she had photographic evidence. YBB mentioned that she had 2 films as evidence too.

Nevertheless, LSJ denied the accusations and explained the screenshots that YBB shared as her evidence. According to LSJ, the screenshots with explicit photos were about YBB’s friend who had supposedly recorded a sexy video.

In addition, he also allowed her to show the films that YBB mentioned. On the other hand, YBB had not shared any of those films, but what she did release was 2 videos titled “The Truth About Lim Shangjin’s Incident”. In the video she shared, it appears to be a recorded conversation between her and her other friends, gossiping about LSJ’s behaviour.

Meanwhile, YBB did not just stop there. She has recounted several incidents where LSJ had allegedly harassed her, including once in her home. She said that LSJ had entered her room at 3 a.m. while she was lying naked in bed and hugged her from behind.

She continue saying that she was frightened by him and had called out to her family for help. Nonetheless, by the time they arrived, LSJ had left.

According to LSJ, clarified that he had to rush to her place after a friend alerted him that YBB was about to commit suicide. He had only rush there as he cared for the wellbeing of his friend. LSJ said that he then took a photo of YBB to reassure the friend that YBB is alright.

On Thursday (17 June), LSJ was summoned to the police station at night. According to his lawyer, the PDRM had acted to detain LSJ after they received a report from YBB. On Friday morning (18 June), LSJ was seen heading to the PJ courthouse while he kept his head high and even smile in front of the cameras.

According to the press, LSJ was very calm and is not worried at all. He even waved to the reporters when his name was being called.

At the same time, he also thanked the media before making his move to the courtroom.

Meanwhile, the current situation is that it is all allegations which no concrete evidence was presented to show what actually happened. We’ll leave it to the authorities to investigate the case and reveal the truth.

Watch YBB’s recorded conversation here:

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