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RELA impostors allergy extorted money from Netizen, claiming that she violated SOP

Social NewsRELA impostors allergy extorted money from Netizen, claiming that she violated SOP

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started in Malaysia, the authorities had been out there checking on whether the public comply with the SOP at all times. Once they caught someone violating the SOP under the Movement Control Order (MCO), compound will be issued to them.

Recently, a netizen, who goes by the name of Yi Thung Cheah took it to Facebook to warn the public of the impostors who claim that they are casual clothing law enforcers. She had met one of them herself and she said that the impostors tried issuing a compound to her.

In the Facebook post, she wrote “A man claimed to be a RELA officer and chased my car”.

Source: Piston.MY

The incident happened while she was fuelling up at a petrol station in Jalan Mersing. Everything was going smoothly until she was done fuelling and was about to leave.

She got up her car and while she was about to leave, a man approached her, claiming that he is a RELA officer and chased after her car. The man was so aggressive that if Yi Thung did not brake on time, she would have banged into him.

At that time, Yi Thung was with her brother and he was at the passenger seat. The man the asked them:

“Why did you not stopped your car when I stopped you. You are violating the SOP. You cannot have two person in one car. Give me your Identification Card (IC) and licence, I will issue you the compound and you will get it via post to your home address.”

Yi Thung immediately knew something was wrong and she refused to give him any of her details.

She then remembered about a post she saw on Facebook that said the authorities will issue the compound immediately if they found you violating the SOP and there will be no negotiations.

Source: Facebook

In addition, she said that the badge or ID that the man showed was not from the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM). She then questioned him “Why are you not in uniform?”

The man then explained that he was the police authorised RELA officer to enforce the law. He then recorded their information in a lined notebook, and not a proper compound note that was normally issued by PDRM.

Yi Thung then decide to reach out to her father and seek for help.

Yi Thung told the man “You wait, let me call my father.” and this was when he started to threaten them by saying, “One person will be fined RM1,500, two people will be fined RM3,000.”

She then replied him that her father was already on the way and he will deal with the situation.

Source: The Rakyat Post

The man then tried his luck and said “You want to settle ‘under-table’? We just settle this la!”

Yi Thung rejected his proposal and told him that she does not have much money and they will wait for her father to arrive at the scene.

The man then said “Just give me under-table money.”

After Yi Thung insisted that she does not have much money with her, the man then told her to give him only RM50 to settle this situation. Yi Thung then explained “I really don’t have money now. I spend all my money fuelling petrol for my car.”

After around 10 minutes, the man looked panicked and he eventually let both Yi Thung and her brother leave.

Source: The Star

After experiencing this, Yi Thung advised the public to not respond to the strangers if they come across the same situation, and especially so if you are in a secluded area. She said that it could probably be a scammer or a robber and they could have harmed you.

She added that if the public so happen to meet one, remember to take a picture of them and their vehicle plate number. She also warned to not have a conversation with them or just tell them to settle this in the police station and issue the compound there.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? Share it and create an awareness!

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