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Namewee’s New Music Video taken down after BLACKPINK Fans got offended by the lyrics

Social NewsNamewee's New Music Video taken down after BLACKPINK Fans got offended by...

The BLACKPINK fans, also known as the Blinks declared that they won the fight against Namewee for his latest music video being taken down from YouTube, which they claimed that it is unnecessary sexual and disrespecting BLACKPINK.

On 1 June, Malaysian rapper/director Namewee released his new music video titled “You Know Who Is My Father” and the main message he wants to convey is how some rich men in Malaysia behave.

In the lyrics, he wrote “Always look at Blackpink and masturbate.” This is the line that caused the fans to go crazy and spam their comments and reports on the music video. Eventually, the video which had garnered over 5 million views had been removed from YouTube, and Namewee grieved “You win! You win liao!”

Source: Youtube

However, not long after the original music video was taken down, he uploaded the revised version of the music video on 15 June, and this time, the controversial lyrics were altered to “Always look at Black pimp and masturbate.”

On Wednesday (16 June), he even uploaded a video acknowledging that the song was taken down after he received numerous reports from Blinks. Despite that, he did not intend to apologies for it and he said “We have made many changes to it, not because we admitted that we were wrong, but we want the work to be seen by more people, so we must first avoid those “faeces”…”

Source: Youtube

In addition, he explained that the song is about the European Cup and about the lives of the second generation of rich people in Malaysia. They are so called “sons of Dato” and he was featuring their habits and their lifestyles in the music video.

He emphasizes that it has nothing to do about respecting women and respecting Blackpink.

Responding to their claims, he said that the fans probably do not understand the lyrics as they were in English, similar to those fans who do not understand Korean, but were fans of Korean music.

Nevertheless, netizens had echoed Namewee’s explanations and called out to the Blinks who seemed to be annoyed by every single little issue.

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Watch his response in the video below:

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