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Man Asks Proton Voice Assistant To Open Airbag, What Happens Next Is Surprising

Every now and then, we see videos of Malaysians trying out wild things without thinking much and eventually landing themselves in a series of trouble. 

Such is the case with an unknown man who recorded a video of himself telling his Proton voice assistant to open the airbag of the car for fun. But little did he know that the airbag would actually burst open unexpectedly and leave him in shock.

Man gets a shock when airbag opens unexpectedly

On 17th June 2021, a man tell the voice assistant of his car to open the airbag for fun. 

The voice assistant of the Proton car then asks him for confirmation, to which the man replies “Just open the ….”

Unexpectedly, the airbag expands extremely quickly, leaving the man in shock. He can be heard exclaiming “Oh!” towards the end of the short clip as he gets hit by the airbag.

Since its posting, the video has received over 1,000 reactions, 300 comments and 700 shares from followers.

Malaysians were generally amused by the short video, many reacting to it with the laughing emoji and commenting sarcastically.

Netizen Ali Rehman suggested that the man in the video was bored staying home during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period – something perhaps many of us can identify with.  

Another netizen named Lee Hooi Peng said the man who recorded the video might have been curious to find out if his car’s airbag was functioning properly. “Nice try,” she added, followed by grinning emojis.

Meanwhile, Facebook user Trader Muhammad commented sarcastically. He told the man, “Why not ask, hello Proton, let’s go fly.”

While the video brought laughs to many netizens, it’s important to note that it’s not safe to try to open the airbag in your car for fun. Doing so can result in unwanted injuries and the cost of repairing the inflated airbag can be pricey. Airbags are part of a vehicle’s restraint system and should only be used in times of emergency.


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