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Massive Sinkhole appeared in JB and caused an accident

Source: Harian Metro

A driver in Johor Bharu found his car fell into a sinkhole at Jalan Lampam, Tanjung Puteri Resort and had to called for a tow truck to get his car out from the hole.

As reported by Harian Metro, a road user, Ahmad Radzi Ibrahim said that he saw the Proton Wira fell into the huge sink hole yesterday (16 June) morning.

He added that he have concerns for the users of the road as the road happened to be the main road that thousands of people use daily to get to work.

“The location where it happened is the main road from Pelabuhan Tanjung Langsat headed to Johor Port, as well as villages in Pasir Putih,” he added.

Source: Harian Metro

Nevertheless, he said that it is believed that the sinkhole was caused by leaking underground pipes.

“If the same incident had happened on a motorcycle rider, it will be far worse and could possibly take away his life,” Ahmad Radzi said.

“The local authorities and the Public Works Department (JKR) must monitor the safety of this main road that is also used by hundreds of heavy vehicles each day,” he added.

Source: Harian Metro

Meanwhile, a representative from the Pasir Gudang City Council (MPBG) said that the water utility company, Ranhill SAJ which is responsible for water supply services in Johor had been informed of the incident.

In addition, the MPBG had requested the company to fix the road, as well as the leaking pipes. He added that the road is one of the main roads in Pasir Gudang and they hope that repair works will be carried out smoothly.

“MBPG would also like to ask for concession groups to be prepared if there is a need to assist with the repair works,” they added.

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