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Kind M’sian Lecturer extends the deadline as she tells them “Health is more important”

The pandemic had brought so much inconvenience to our lives and we are required to make drastic changes to our current way of doing things. As for students, attending online classes is one of the most challenging things that are happening around.

Among the struggles were the lack of resources and some of these activities require physical or face-to-face teaching but were not possible to do them online.

Recently, a netizen who was a fashion student, took it to his Twitter and shared the conversation between him and his lecturer, captioning that how grateful he is for having such an understanding and kind lecturer.

In the conversation, he apologise beforehand for being unable to submit his project on time, explaining that he was short of fabric and all the fabric shops are closed due to the extenstion of the Full Movement Control Order (FMCO).

On the other hand, he managed to buy the required fabric online, which he need a few days before receiving them. Unexpectedly, his lecturer understands his situation and said that she will extend the deadline.

Subsequently, he shared another post where the same lecturer advised him to solve his problems one at a time and told him “Just don’t overwork yourself. Health is more important.”

His post quickly went viral and netizens responded by saying that they usually get the opposite kind of reaction from their lecturers, in which most would say “Well, that’s your problem, not mine.”

Meanwhile, netizens said that lecturers should show more compassion and be considerate during these times too, and the netizen’s lecturer is one good example that all should follow.

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