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Woman exposes her Boss for allegedly sexually harassing her, asking her to obey 100% to him

Social NewsWoman exposes her Boss for allegedly sexually harassing her, asking her to...

Last Saturday (12 June), a netizen, named Ker Qian, took it to her Facebook, sharing on how she was sexually harassed by her boss. In the video, she also shared that many women are not aware that they had been sexually harassed until they are made aware of.

Ker Qian, who was a full-time dance instructor shared that the incident started when she got a job offer from a new academy which was set up by a father of her students. She added that the boss had been verbally abusing her and requested her to do odd things, that can be constituted as sexual harassment.

She started her video off by saying “Around April, I received a call from my ex-students father. He asked me how I was doing and whether I would be interested to join a project. I asked him what was this project about,”

Source: Facebook

The man then explained that he recently invested in a new dance academy and would like to invite her to manage the academy for him, as well as being the owner of the studio.

“I asked him, how can I be a studio owner? He replied saying, “Okay, nevermind. We meet up at a place. You come and see the studio”. Beginning of April, I went to see the place at Denai Alam,” Ker Qian said.

After meeting up at the studio, she said that she notice that the place was still under renovation and there were a few renovation workers at the scene. The man quickly brought her to the workers and introduced her as the “future owner of the studio”.

With surprise, Ker Qian in her mind thought “I haven’t promised you anything, why would you say that I am the owner?”

However, she did not give it a further thought and decide to stay quiet to see what else he would like to convey.

Source: Facebook

Later on, they settle down at a coffee shop and he revealed his plans to her. He mentioned that he is looking for someone who is passionate about dancing, who loves children and would like to make some money. Well, the first person that came into his mind was her, Ker Qian.

Being skeptical about the plan, Ker Qian took some time to think about it and consulted her friend about the situation she is facing. After considering her options, she decide to take the offer, but only as a dance instructor and not the owner of the studio.

Meanwhile, she said that the terms given to her was to work from Monday to Friday, which seemed normal. Then, they agreed with this arrangement until further notice.

In May, Ker Qian officially started her job and her boss asked her to look up for ways to track attendances and recruit more teachers, where he had some requirements for it. On the other hand, Ker Qian find those requirements odd.

The requirements were “Only female teachers, aged between 18 to 25, and it would be better if they are from broken families or in desperate need for money.”

Source: Facebook

Puzzled over his requirements, Ker Qian asked him for the rationale behind these requirements, in which, he explained that these teachers would show more “passion” and “seriousness” in the job as they needed money.

It may seem to be a valid reason to think from that point of view and Ker Qian continue to listen to him.

Early June, Ker Qian receive a notice from the boss, requesting her to keep their conversations private and confidential, including Zoom meetings and WhatsApp conversations.

Source: Facebook

Out of a sudden, he said that he felt that she was being rude and disrespectful towards him as she had been addressing him by his name only.

The boss then said “I want you to call me Master.”

On a second thought, she question him on why calling him “Master” and the boss said “as someone who is under training with me, you should call me Master.”

He even shared the “12 times, 12 weeks” research which he learnt it overseas is helpful in making her a successful person in life.

Source: Facebook

Nevertheless, he said that Ker Qian should listen to him in order to be successful and he gave Ker Qian a mantra that says “I am Ker Qian. I am a dog. I will listen to my Master”.

He insisted that Ker Qian to repeat the phrase “I am Ker Qian. I am a dog. I will 100% listen to my Master.”

Ker Qian find this hilarious and started laughing, which annoyed the boss and he said “Serious serious. Do not feel that it is funny or ridiculous because this research is real. You need to trust me if you want to be successful.”

“You have to say this phrase 12 times a day for 12 weeks. By 31 August, I’ll notice that your mindset have changed for the better.”

To make things weirder, he told Ker Qian to make it a habit to greet him every morning when she wakes up and update him of her detail schedule, for example, when she’s going shopping, going for a bath, eating, and even when she is going to sleep. He even ended the WhatsApp message with “Understand bitch?”

Source: Facebook

When Ker Qian tired to explain that these are her privacy and she is uncomfortable with doing so, the boss replied “As a successful person, you got no privacy. You got no private time.”

At the end, Ker Qian decide to give in and follow his instructions, however, she did mention that she is uncomfortable with his “extreme training”.

At the next meeting, he started scolding her for having a childish mindset. He also mention that as a successful person, Ker Qian would not have this kind of mindset. He added that from his observation, Ker Qian had not been doing her training well as she still have her own mindset.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

“If you want to be successful, you need to be 100% empty, 100% obedient to me, so that you can achieve success faster,”

“You see la, your ex-boyfriends can buy you flowers, bring you to movies, you would be happy. And then, you give them your body. And you make out with them, have sex with them… then why can’t you give me your body when I can give you a bright future?” he said.

“You see, I am a capable person and also very rich. If today I want you to suck my cock, you will also suck until very comfortable, happier and more proud, right?”

“Rather than helping those useless men and poor men to suck cock. Today you help me to suck cock, you will also feel very happy and proud what? Why? Because I have money,” he added.

Source: Facebook

Nevertheless, Ker Qian kept quiet and agreed with him to avoid causing any further problems. She immediately consulted her friend, who said that this is actually sexual harassment and advised her to lodge a police report.

Her friend also mention that she will need to gather evidence to support her claim before she lodge the police report.

Source: Facebook

Ker Qian then secretly recorded the conversation during their next meeting and she intentionally acted dumb so that he will admit everything he said previously. She was able to get the evidence she wanted and lodge the police report the next day.

During the questioning, the police officers were shocked that how could a married man said those things to a woman and they said that they will give him a call so as to warn him from doing it again.

At the end of the video, Ker Qian encourage those who had suffered any form of sexual harassment to stand up and protect themselves, whether male or female. She mention that it is important to seek for help and not to blame yourself for the happenings.

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