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Visually-impaired couple sold over 1,000 Packets Of Sambal on Shopee in their first week of business

Social NewsVisually-impaired couple sold over 1,000 Packets Of Sambal on Shopee in their...

If there’s a will, there’s a way!

A visually-impaired couple lost their source of income amid the pandemic, after the restaurant they worked at closed down two months ago. Despite that, they found their new source of income from Shopee.

The couple, Yusri Azis and his wife Nur Jannah Tan Jia Hui were not disappointed by their shortcomings and they showed great resilience and resourcefulness in overcoming their struggles.

They mentioned that they received help from their fellow Universiti Malaya coursemate, Fa Phong, in the first week of June 2021 to set up their Shopee Store, Yus Business.

Source: Facebook

While their signature product was the Sambal Hitam, they provide a wide range of food and fitness products too, which include portion control plates, sugar-free sambal and stevia sweeteners.

On 3 June, Yusri took it to the Shopee Malaysia Facebook Group to ask for the public’s support for their new business. His inspiring story caught the attention of a netizen who later encouraged Malaysians to purchase from the couple’s store on Twitter.

His post quickly went viral and according to Yusri, he said that they managed to sell almost RM600 worth of products just within the first 24 hours of opening their online business.

In another Facebook post, he shared that he was grateful for the support from the customers and netizens, and he planned to share an application that made it possible for him to sell products on Shopee.

The application is named TalkBack and it enables a visually impaired person to use a smartphone as if they were a normal person. In addition, he made a video tutorial to guide those who are interested in starting their own store. Meanwhile, he hopes his inspiring story will encourage all Malaysians to achieve their dreams, regardless of their circumstances or disabilities.

Since a week into business, Yusri announced that they have sold 1,000 packets of sambal hitam, which gave them a revenue of nearly RM12,000!

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

He added that all of their products are now out of stock and they are currently working on preparing the existing orders and will soon restock their products on Shopee.

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