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Perak Exco claims “If they complain, it means they installed games” after student cries that the devices provided were Sub-Par

NewsPerak Exco claims "If they complain, it means they installed games" after...

Previously, the Perak Government was reported to have distributed 20,000 smartphones to the B40 households in an effort to help the students to get access to the online classes.

The plan, which goes by the name Cikgu Saraani Tuition programme, was a good initiative, but it was executed poorly.

Recently, there were complaints from multiple parties that the smartphones provided were slow and of poor quality.

Source: Malay Mail

As reported by Harian Metro, the Higher Education and Human Resources Committee chairman, Ahmad Saidi Mohammad Daud said that the smartphones are to be used only for at-home learning purposes and the specifications are suitable for an educational application called “Frog Play”.

“The application has many quizzes for revision for all core subjects taught in school from Standard 1 to Form 6 and they can be accessed 24 hours a day.”

“But if the students complain that the smartphone given is slow or is of low quality then I believe that the student is using it to play games online. The performance of the given smartphone will surely be affected when ‘heavy’ applications such as games are installed.” he said.

He then urge parents to monitor their children so they do not misuse the gadgets to play online games instead of using them for online learning.

Source: Malay Mail

Meanwhile, Amanah Youth leader, Syed Saddiq condemn the Perak Exco for distributing smartphones of such quality and said that they should have given the students smartphones of moderate quality, which allows them to use applications such as Google Meet, Telegram, Youtube, or even to video calls with teachers.

In addition, he said the state government should have realise that these devices were no longer a luxury item in the current era, but were essentials in the modern society. This is especially so for the students who were limited to home-based learning.

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