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New Mother Cries after she found out her Baby was being swapped at Hospital

Social NewsNew Mother Cries after she found out her Baby was being swapped...

Last Saturday (12 June), a new mother found out that she went home with someone else’s baby after she were discharged from hospital.

The netizen, Siti Suriani Wahiddin who was an online entrepreneu,r was conducting a Facebook Live session¬†through her business page, Jamumall.com at around 7.40 p.m. on 12 June, when she discovered that the baby she brought home wasn’t hers.

She wrote, “Ya Allah, just realised that the baby’s tag has another mother’s name after returning from the hospital.”

She even show her viewers that the tag on the baby’s leg states that this is the child of another woman named Dianah Hanani and the child was born a day earlier than her own baby.

She explained that before she left the hospital at around 8.30 a.m., she had requested to see the baby again and the nurse brought the child to her. At the first glance, she notice that the child’s facial features seemed slightly different and it felt lighter than the child she give birth to.

Despite that, she did not give a second thought to it as her name was displayed on the baby’s bed.

After her husband found out that the child belongs to someone else, her burst into tears and they quickly contact the hospital and lodge a police report regarding the incident.

Source: Facebook

She told Harian Metro, “My heart sank when the hospital confirmed that my baby was swapped with someone else. But I was grateful that my child was cared for by a good couple.”

“I went to the hospital for further tests. I hope the hospital will take responsibility and I will refer this case to a lawyer for further action,” she said.

Source: Facebook

Nevertheless, the mother of the other baby, Diana Hanani Abdullah said that she was disappointed that the hospital could make such a mistake and cause them emotional distress.

Diana said that she gave birth to a baby boy on last Thursday (10 June) and was discharged from the hospital the next day around 12pm. However, she did not notice that the children were being swapped until the hospital contacted her.

She was surprised and asked her husband to check for the baby’s tag, which they had already thrown away. Fortunately, they were able to look for it and the tag indeed wrote Siti Suraini’s name.

“We went straight to the hospital last night. The baby exchanging process took place with a lot of emotions because we already loved the child that we took care of as if it were our own.” Diana said.


After the incident, both of the couples have decided to take legal action against the hospital that was responsible for the swap.

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