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Prank On Drawing Bruises On Son’s Eye To Teach Him Not To Play Mobile Phones For Long Hours

Housewife Nurul Asyikin Yahya worry that her child is obsessed with playing mobile phones. Hence, she took the approach of doing a ‘prank’ by scratching her child’s eyes to look bruised, allegedly as a result of playing the gadget too much.

The mother of one said she did not do so to intimidate her eldest son, Muhammad Harraz Khairil Abd Hakim, 4, but to teach her not to play mobile phones for too long.

”I have advised him several times but because he is still young, he does not understand and likes to follow other relatives to play mobile phones, especially video games.”

“Because of that, the idea of ​​using black eyeliner on the eyes to make the bruises appear so that the child understands that there are bad effects that will occur if they play the phone for too long.”

Nurul Asyikin said she made the joke while her son was asleep, last week.

As soon as the child woke up and saw the bruised eyes, he cried because he was worried the bruised eyes would remain.

But I calmed him down and repeatedly advised him to play less on the phone otherwise his eyes would bruise.

After washing his face, the child is happy again and I see that the ‘prank’ has helped reduce the use of his phone for a long time.

Share it, he also uploaded a video and some pictures while doing a ‘prank’ on his son on his TikTok application.

”I didn’t expect the partnership to get high attention from netizens and viewers because my intention was just to share.”

“Some criticized her, saying that the child would be traumatized but through my monitoring, he was fine and did not behave strangely,” she said.

She said she admitted that her behavior of regularly playing mobile phones also contributed to his son’s desire to do the same.

There was a time when I couldn’t spend much time with him especially playing time because I had to reply to customer messages and make‘ posts ’(posts) on social media.

“I also have to work to at least have pocket money for the family as my husband’s income is uncertain due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” she said.

Earlier, his partnership did a ‘prank’ of scratching his son’s eyes as a lesson not to be too obsessed with contagious mobile phones on the TikTok application which has garnered 577,000 views so far.


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