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76 year-old Single Mum walks 3 hours just to get vaccinated in Kota Bharu

Social News76 year-old Single Mum walks 3 hours just to get vaccinated in...

Despite her son’s motorcycle broke down on the vaccination appointment date, this do not stop a 76 year-old senior citizen from attending the vaccination appointment. She is willing to walk 3 hours from her house in Kampung Pasir Hor, Kota Bharu to get the injection at the Kompleks Balai Islam, Kota Bharu.

According to Bernama, she was supposed to get her first dose of vaccine last month (May) but she had to postpone the appointment due to transportation problems.

“On the latest appointment day, my son’s motorcycle again broke down. But I didn’t want to miss my appointment for a second time, so I decided to walk all the way to the vaccination centre (PPV).”

“I left home at 10 a.m. since my appointment was at 1.30 p.m. I reached the Lundang Balai Islam Complex at 1 pm.” she said.

The senior citizen was a mother of 4 and she said that only 2 of her children stays with her, while the remaining 2 lives outside of Kelantan. She added that she did not want to trouble her 2 children on the day as they were facing health problems.

After a 3 hour walk, she finally reach the PPV and she asked for the nurse on duty to allow her to take a rest for a while before proceeding with the jab.

Source: Bernama

The vaccination went smoothly for her and a personnel on duty even offered to send her back home with Grab and paid for it too.

“Alhamdulillah, I am thankful that I have received my first dose of the vaccine jab. Senior citizens like me should get vaccinated so that we will not be easily infected with COVID-19,” she said, adding that her second jab will be on the following Tuesday (22 June).

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