Thursday, March 30, 2023

Touch’n Go eWallet is giving out Flash rewards for all users!

Social NewsTouch'n Go eWallet is giving out Flash rewards for all users!

The Touch’n Go eWallet had just launched their latest flash rewards for all its users! Touch’n Go eWallet will be giving out RM5 for all users to managed to collect the reload pin!

The “Daily Flash Reward” event will start today (11 June) and ends on the following Sunday (20 June).

Simply follow these steps to claim for the rewards:

1. Reach out to your Touch’n Go eWallte application and tap on it

2. Tap on the “A+ rewards” icon

3. Read and agree on the terms and conditions and tap on “Claim now”

4. Tap on the collect button to claim the reload pin

5. Copy the reload Pin and return to the reload screen

6. Simply enter the Pin and get a chance to win the Flash reward

The RM1 reload pin is only available for each user once, while the RM5 reload pin is limited to only once a week.

During the event period, 340 rewards will be prepared daily. If you are interested to get the flash reward from Touch’n Go eWallet, you can try your luck at 12 p.m. every single day.

The Flash reward refreshes every day and it is on first come first served basis.

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