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Professor who claimed woman should “Act Dumb” to find a Husband apologises

Social NewsProfessor who claimed woman should "Act Dumb" to find a Husband apologises

Recently, a Malaysian professor was under fire for saying suggesting women should “act dumb” to find a husband. In the 56 second short video, she proposed this while responding to the issue on why women are getting married late.

She added that women should always appreciate the strength of men as a leader no matter their flaws. She also said that men like vulnerable, soft-spoken women who have “high estrogen” levels. Hence, women should act a little dumb to gain men’s attention.

After receiving backlashes from netizens, she took it to her Facebook page to apologise for the comment she made. She also explained that the short video was taken out from a 45-minute video she shared on 6 February 2021, titled “Antara Cinta dan Cita-Cita” (Between Love and Ambition). 

In the live video, she said that the comments were actually responding to KK Talib’s questions and comments from Facebook. The related topic are women who are in a dilemma, between pursuing a career, love, and family.

Source: Twitter

“I take the responsibility to apologise for any misunderstandings that arose and would like to thank those who cared including the media, friends, and family who took the initiative and asked for the truth from me or my team.” she said.

Meanwhile, she said that she is also a career woman, wife, mother, and grandmother and she will always support and pray for all women to succeed. She added that for further clarification, netizens should watch the full video. Nevertheless, she did not blame those who bashed her without know the full story.

Check her full Facebook post here:


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