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M’sian woman gives birth at Roadblock with assistance from PDRM officers

Social NewsM'sian woman gives birth at Roadblock with assistance from PDRM officers

A woman from Sarawak had safely delivered a baby in a car with the help of two police officers at a roadblock. The incident happened around 11.50 p.m. last night (10 June) at a roadblock on the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway.

The 26 year-old mother from Kampung Semera Ulu, Asajaya, Sarawak, along with her 28 year-old husband were on their way to the Sarawak General Hospital (HUS) which require them to pass the police roadblock.

Source: Facebook

According to Harian Metro, Lance Corporal Noor Fatihah Azelam who was on duty at the roadblock from 4p.m. to 12 a.m. said that her husband rushed to the scene after she informed him that his wife is about to give birth.

“I approached the car and saw that the woman had already given birth,” she said.

The officer and her colleague proceed to unravel the umbilical cord that was wrapped around the baby’s neck and then cut it. They then wrap the the baby up with a towel so it wouldn’t catch cold.

Source: Facebook

Responding to the incident, Samarahan District Police Chief, Deputy Superintendent Sudirman Kram said that her husband decide to drive towards the roadblock in panic and seek help. Fortunately, the offices on duty were alert and took control of the situation.

Meanwhile, both the mother and baby were sent to HUS for further treatment.

Kudos to the PDRM officer for not panicking and handling the situation perfectly!

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