Thursday, March 30, 2023

FMCO will be extended for 2 more weeks to 28 June!

NewsFMCO will be extended for 2 more weeks to 28 June!

As 14 June approaches, many may have wonder, will the Full Movement Control Order (FMCO) be extended again?

This evening (11 June), Defence Minister, Ismail Sabri made an announcement on the National Security Council’s Telegram channel, stating that the FMCO will be extended for an additional 2 weeks, for the period from 15 June to 28 June.

Source: Telegram

Ismail said that the decision was made after taking into consideration the number of daily cases that have been on a constant rise. While the daily cases amounted to more than 5,000 cases a day with a daily average of 6,871 cases as of yesterday.

“The positive and negative lists and SOPs for each manufacturing activity, business and industry will remain the same as previously announced.” he added.

For further information, you can visit MKN’s official website at www.mkn.gov.my.

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