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Penang Street Food’s “Going to die” Banner Pays Off

Social NewsPenang Street Food's "Going to die" Banner Pays Off

A restaurant in Melaka unexpectedly gain support from the public after they hung up a creative banner with a dying shrimp. The banner wrote “Please Support Us!! Going To Die Already…”

The banner was hung outside of ‘I Love Penang Street Food’ restaurant on Jalan Tengkera.

Speaking to The Star, restaurant owner, Anne Lee said she decided to put up the banner to get foodies and passers-by to patronise her shop.

She said that ever since the pandemic started in Malaysia, times are difficult and she came up with this idea to encourage motorists to stop and pack food at this row of pre-war shophouses along the busy street.

After the banner was hung up, she said that she did received more orders. At the same time, this happened to the nearby shops too.

Source: Facebook

Anne said that she started the restaurant last November during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I took the challenge to venture into the food business using my in-law’s Penang-style menu, ”

“I decided to open an outlet in Melaka. I rented a shop, and employed locals to start the business.” she said.

Meanwhile, netizens find the banner hilarious and it went viral on social media. It was upvoted more than 1,900 times on Reddit’s r/malaysia and Caltex Bachang also supported them by sharing a post about them and urge the locals to pack food from the local businesses.


On the other hand, there were those who claim that she was cheap tricks to gain attention. Anne refuted the claims and explained that it was their last resort to save the business.

She said that at a point in time, they were barely able to survive on a day-to-day basis and they do feel like giving up and wait for the better days ahead.

“But thinking about the surrounding people that needs to put food on the table especially our families, our staffs and their families, we chose to carry on with the hopes that everyone survives through this tough times together.”

“Some may say that we are trying to steal the limelight for attention or even seeking for sympathy from the public but whatever you may say, all we wanted was just to share a humorous and entertaining message to really capture the honesty of our situation.”


If you stay around Jalan Tengkera, Melaka city centre and want to support them, you can contact them at WhatsApp +6016-739 7741 or +6016-351 3438.

Do check out their menu here too!

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