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Elderly man goes out to buy dinner but ended up Getting Lost and Travel 80km to Johor

Social NewsElderly man goes out to buy dinner but ended up Getting Lost...

An elderly man from Melaka had unconsciously rode his motorcycle for more than 80 kilometres from Ayer Keroh, Melaka to Pagoh, Muar while he went out to buy his dinner. He then had to spend the night in a bus shelter until he received assistance from the locals.

As reported by China Press, the 81 year-old man lives alone in Ayer Keroh and he had to drive out to pack his dinner on last Sunday (6 June). After getting lost, he went all the way to the PLUS Highway and ended up at the Pagoh Toll Plaza in Muar.

As the sun had set and it was dark at the time, he wasn’t sure where he was and all the shops along the road was closed. He had no choice but to spend his night at a bus shelter at the side of the road.

Source: China Press

When the sun rises again, the sky was gloomy and it started raining heavily. Feeling cold and hungry, the elderly man continue his journey until he reach a durian stall in Bukit Pasir, where he met a man with his son.

As reported, the 2 kind men who found the elderly man said that his eyes were red and he seemed tired, and he was clueless about how he ended in Muar too. While they asked how he travel interstate, the elderly man said that the police officers were on break when he passed the roadblock.

Source: China Press
Source: China Press

Both the man and his son took him in and made him a hot drink and breakfast as it was unbearable to see the elderly man starving. They proceed to ask for his nephew’s contact but they only managed to contact him after several attempts.

They took a photo of the elderly man’s IC as evidence and send it through WhatsApp. After discussing with the nephew, they decide that it is better for both the man and his son to send the elderly man back to his home in Ayer Keroh.

They then went to the police station in Bukit Pasir to apply for a travel letter and was able to send the elderly man back home safely.

The elderly man and his family express their gratitude for their help, while the good Samaritans advised the family members to show more concern for the elderly man who is living alone.

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