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Police officer allegedly extorted 2 Hawkers and Dumped Their Stew

Source: Sin Chew

The Full Movement Control Order (FMCO) had already brought several inconvenience to people, and yet, there were those who abuse their powers and position to get an advantage from the public.

Last Wednesday (2 June), 2 young hawkers were stopped by the police officers on patrol while they were on their way to their stall. The 2 young hawkers did not carry a Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) letter and were not allowed to leave the scene.

The police officers then accused them of possessing drugs and drug trafficking. They claimed that the stew that they hid the drugs in the stew and had to dump them all to verify it. After discussion, the police officer requested RM500 from the 2 hawkers before they are allowed to leave.

Source: Sin Chew

One of the hawker, who is the older brother, said that they had only been in business for 2 months and they had applied for the MITI letter, but was unable to print them in time. Both the brothers, aged 13 and 21 respectively, started their day at 6 a.m. while they drove through Jalan FRIM, Kepong, where they were stopped by 3 police officers on patrol.

Given that they were bringing along their stew and ingredients, the police officers said that they did not have the relevant approvals to operate their business. They continue saying that they have no choice but to issue a RM15,000 fine on each of them, making it RM30,000 for both.

Later on, the police officer requested claimed that they were suspected for possessing drugs and demanded a body search. The police officers even searched their wallets and mobile phones. They continue pouring the stew they prepared on the road and claim that it was necessary to verify whether they are drugs.

The 2 hawkers were unable to start their business for the day as the stew, which require 5 hours to prepare is now down in the drain. They estimated their loss amounted to RM400 for the day.

They added that the police officer had stopped them for more than an hour and they initially requested RM3,000 before allowing them to pass. After bargaining, they finally agreed on RM500 as ‘toll’ to allow them pass.

Source: Sin Chew

This incident immediately reach Lim Lip Eng, a Member of Parliament of Kepong and he condemned the actions of the police officers involved. He even gave the 2 hawkers RM500 as a compensation for their loss and promised to follow up the case.

Meanwhile, he said that this incident is only a tip of the iceberg and there were many more happening out there. He mention that the ‘Body Cam’ should help reduce these cases and the Parliament had previously approved the budget for these.

“This should not be the case. We rarely see cases of police officers being sentenced to jail for corruption. There may be only one or two cases a year, but every year there are many reports on police officers’ corruption.” he added.

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