Thursday, March 30, 2023

[Fake News Alert] Drinking coffee with Clorox can kill the Covid-19 virus in one’s body

Social News Drinking coffee with Clorox can kill the Covid-19 virus in one's...

We get that everybody will panic when it comes to the topic of Covid-19. Anything regarding Covid-19, whether its identifying new clusters, or methods to prevent or cure Covid-19, the message will spread wildly regardless it is true or fake.

Recently, there was an ‘advice’ from a Malaysian man claiming that drinking coffee with Clorox helps eliminating the Covid-19 virus in one’s body. Nevertheless, this claim is not true and even doctors stand up to refute this claim and urged the public to stop believing into such claims.

In the video, the man can be seen measuring the Clorox with the lid before pouring into the drink. He continue stirring the drink and finish it in a few gulps. The example he set was recorded and shared widely in WhatsApp.

The message shared was “Drinking coffee with Clorox can help kill the viruses. As for humans, Covid-19 virus and cancers were not a big deal as Clorox is able to kill them in just a few minutes.”

Meanwhile, nobody was reported to have suffered from Clorox poisoning and this does not mean that drinking Clorox is a right thing too. This message caught the attention of Dr Khairul Hafidz and the refuted the claims.

He commented that drinking Clorox brings severe side effects and can even cause death. He then urge the public to not believe the viral message.

While Clorox may be effective as a disinfectant, it is only suitable when applied on external surfaces. It does not work the same if drink, where Clorox will harm the internal organs in various ways.

Once again, we remind everybody to fact check before you share anything to the public. The Malaysian Government had launched sebenarnya.my primarily for the public to verify the facts.

Stop spreading fake news if you are unsure of its contents!

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