Malaysian Doctor says that outdoor sanitisation is ineffective and a Waste of Money

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Ever since the pandemic started in Malaysia, the public sanitisation exercises had been a thing and it is carried out after cluster of Covid-19 was identified in the area.

Despite Housing and Local Government Minister, Zuraida Kamaruddin claiming that the sanitisation was necessary to prevent the possibility of more Covid-19 infections occurring, experts said that the move is ineffective and the funds could be better used elsewhere.

Source: Malay Mail

According to The Star, the Academy of Medicine of Malaysia (AMM) said that the Government should prioritise Covid-19 interventions to help reduce the number of cases daily. This will prevent our healthcare system from reaching its limits and breakdown.

The AMM made reference to the United States Centre for Diseases Control (CDC)’s guidelines, saying that “spraying cleaning products or disinfectants in outdoor areas – such as on sidewalks, roads or groundcover – is not necessary, effective or recommended.”

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In addition, AMM pointed out that the World Health Organisation (WHO) had issued an alert about the chemicals used in disinfectants, such as formaldehyde, chlorine-based agents or quaternary ammonium are potentially harmful to us.

AMM suggested the Ministry of Health (MOH) to update its “Garis Panduan Pembersihan dan Disinfeksi di Tempat Awam” to reflect this. Meanwhile, this is a call for the Government to produce a ventilation guidelines for all indoor space as it is scientifically proven that Covid-19 is an airborne virus.

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Source: Twitter