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Coliseum Café in KL is unable to make it to its 100-year anniversary

Food & BeverageColiseum Café in KL is unable to make it to its 100-year...

The Coliseum Café in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur is established since 1921 and they are well-known for their Hainanese-Western cuisine. Unfortunately, they are closing down now.

The decision to close down permanently the restaurant is taken after the tenancy of the café in a pre-war building next to the Coliseum Cinema expired, as reported in The Malaysian Insight.

The restaurant franchise’s marketing manager Azrain Azman said “Yes, it’s closed for good.”

Source: FMT

In addition, he said that the iconic Coliseum Café was supposed to celebrate its 100th anniversary this year, which they are unable to make it now.

“We are saddened that we couldn’t celebrate our 100th anniversary. We hadn’t been able to sustain since the first movement control order (MCO). We relied on dine-ins and the regulars who used to visit the café couldn’t come because the city was in lockdown,” Azrain added.

Source: The Star

The Coliseum Café was once a restaurant “where everybody goes” and their weekly dances have been popular with the British rubber planters and miners in town for a taste of civilisation.

It was located next to the Coliseum Theatre where people can enjoy their meal before or after they go for a movie. Both the Coliseum Café and theatre had been surviving the developer’s wrecking ball so far, until now. Meanwhile, the cinema shows mainly Tamil movies these days.

There is no need to be disappointed as other Coliseum Café outlets will remain open. The Coliseum Café has opened a new branch in Petaling Jaya which they tried to replicate the original Coliseum Café, but is much cleaner and smarter than the original café.

Check their menu out at their official website here!

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