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Netizen detained by PDRM for Tweets on RM70m vaccination management system

NewsNetizen detained by PDRM for Tweets on RM70m vaccination management system

The Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) had been under fire previously as netizens were furious about the multiple glitches the website has, which caused them to be unable to register for the vaccination smoothly.

After the situation heated up, netizens found that the CITF was allocated a total of RM70 million for the purpose of improving the IT solutions that are required to manage the vaccination and website systems.

A netizen, Aizad Fahmy, also known as @ChairmanGLC on Twitter, was detained by the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) yesterday night (4 June) for allegedly spreading fake news about how the RM70 million was channeled to other programmes.

He is being investigated under Section 4(1) of the Emergency Ordinance (Essential Powers) following a tweet he made on last Saturday (29 May). he claimed that the MySejahtera app and vaksincovid.gov.my website did not get the budget of RM70 million funding from the government for the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (NCIP).

The systems and websites were instead being set up using the free versions available from the market, whereas the funds were being channeled to a system that is used to manage the rollout of the AstraZeneca problem.

As reported by MalaysiaKini, the PDRM took action against the netizen after the CITF lodged a police report against him. During the detention, the netizen was forced to surrender his Twitter account password to the authorities. In addition, the PDRM raided his house and confiscated several electronic gadgets, including handphone, modem and router.

Meanwhile, netizens criticized the Government for detaining Aizad and perceive the move as one to silence the public when better transparency on their spending to be disclosed.

Upon receiving this information, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Muar, Syed Saddiq condemn the Government for being afraid to disclose the spending on the systems. He tweeted “Why is the Government afraid when the netizen questioned about the RM70 million budget? Is there a need for the PDRM to detain him? As of today, the question remained unanswered, including how many millions have been spent and who received the contract. Why?”

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