Friday, March 31, 2023

“Among Us” Chicken Nugget from McD x BTS Meal sold for RM400,000 and over!

Social News"Among Us" Chicken Nugget from McD x BTS Meal sold for RM400,000...

An “Among Us” crewmate shaped chicken nugget from the BTS Meal was sold for USD99,997.00 (≈RM410,000)on an auction in eBay. The item was listed on the website shortly after the McDonald’s BTS Meal launched and the seller, polizna has received 184 bids before the auction ends.

The item was given a title ‘McDonald’s Among Us shaped Nugget from BTS Meal, whereby the seller shared a photo of the said nugget and it was carefully placed in an IKEA re-sealable zipper bag.

Source: eBay

The nugget was described as “used” too. As for the logistics, the seller said that the item will be frozen and airsealed before being shipped off to the successful bidder. In addition, the seller will throw in some sauces from the BTS Meal too.

While the auction was on-going, it caught the attention of the the official Among Us Twitter page admins and they were confused by the strange demand for the chicken nugget too. Despite that, they claimed that they would like to bid for the nugget too!

In the replies, the Among Us team asked McDonalds to send them one of those nuggets and asked to “split the cost”.

Meanwhile, netizens commented that there were “Impostors” in the collaboration between McDonald’s and BTS!

Are you amazed to find out that these nuggets in this shape? Share your thoughts!

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