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PETA Asia urges BTS to stop promoting Animal Cruelty with McDonald’s BTS Meal

Social NewsPETA Asia urges BTS to stop promoting Animal Cruelty with McDonald's BTS...

A member of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has recently took it to Facebook, urging the South Korean boy band, BTS to stop supporting animal cruelty with their exclusive McDonald’s BTS Meal that was released on last Wednesday (26 May).

The PETA member brought a banner and protested in front of a McDonald’s restaurant, and she wrote “This fan was let down. BTS, stop promoting dead chickens!”

The animal rights organisation in their Facebook post explained that the new BTS Meal at McDonald’s includes chicken nuggets that are made from the flesh of tortured birds. She added that chickens are not nuggets, but rather living, feeling beings.

Chickens are not nuggets, but rather living, feeling beings,” they said.

Source: Facebook

PETA Asia claims that the BTS Meal causes chickens to suffer and die, all for the chicken nuggets they promote.

“It’s clear BTS doesn’t care about chickens who suffer and have their throats slit for McNuggets in the BTS Meal,” they commented.

PETA Asia said that majority of chickens were killed for their flesh and they live their entire lives inside cramped, filthy sheds before being loaded onto open air transport trucks and driven to slaughter, where they’re hung upside down and their throats being slit while still conscious.

“Whenever you see chicken on a menu, remember the animal who suffered a miserable existence and died a violent, painful death. No animal wants to be killed, and since eating meat is unnecessary, raising and killing chickens for food is animal abuse. If you don’t want to contribute to this suffering, please go vegan today.⁣” they said.

“If you don’t want to contribute to this suffering, please go vegan today.”

This post quickly went viral and gain the attention of many netizens, especially the BTS supporters, the ARMY.

One netizen said “As if chicken nuggets are a new thing McDonald’s? Why only care about chickens now when BTS collaborated? Chicken is healthy for us. And there is no rule in law where we cannot kill and eat chickens.”

Another netizen wrote “McDo has been offering mcnuggets even before the BTS meal… why now?”

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