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Mother Cons Teen Into Half-bald Haircut To Make Him Stay At Home During Covid-19

Staying at home can be difficult for some and a concerned parent decided to take further precaution to ensure her child stays at home during this period.

A mother in Kaohsiung recently brought her 15-year-old son to the hair salon for a haircut.

She discussed with the hair dresser that she wanted a haircut that will stop him from heading out.

They initially thought of shaving the word “Covid-19” on the 15-year-old’s head, but decided that it will not be effective as the teen will want to meet his friend even more to “show off.

Huang eventually decided to shave off the top half of the 15-year-old’s hair, making him look like a balding man.

Here’s a glimpse of what the boy looks like after the hair cut, when he was still in the mood to chit chat with Huang, the hairdresser said.

Here’s the final look which the hair dresser later posted on Facebook, sharing about this incident on May 30.

As Huang did not show how the boy look before the haircut, some commenters online doubted if the person in the picture was indeed a teen.

According to Huang, the boy was really upset and embarrassed after the haircut and scolded his mother for doing this to him.

Following that incident and a series of media coverage, the salon has also received many queries from parents, Huang shared on Facebook.

In response, the salon ran a promotion that gives free “Covid-19 preventive” haircuts to all teens aged between 12 and 15 who dislike staying at home.

Reactions to the incident in Taiwan favoured the parent and hairdresser, with relatively few comments calling out the act as child abuse or excessive.

One comment that captured the spirit of the discussion said that hair can always grow back, but a pandemic might get out of control.


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