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Neelofa’s Mother clarifies that her IG Admin criticized the Sultan Of Johor with her IG account

Social NewsNeelofa's Mother clarifies that her IG Admin criticized the Sultan Of Johor...

After Neelofa had been making it to the headlines for the wrong reasons, her mother, Datin Noor Kartini Noor Mohamed was caught in a saga yesterday (30 May) after she allegedly posted a Instagram story for criticizing the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.

The Instagram story which was shared, was quickly deleted after Noor Kartini received a notice from her child that something inappropriate was shared on her Instagram account.

In the Instagram story, she wrote “If you’re concerned, tell him to cancel the emergency! Talk so much.”

Despite deleting the story, the story made it to Tunku Idris, the Sultan of Johor’s son, and he questioned, “Is it true that all her family members are like this?”

Source: Facebook

After clarifying the situation internally, Noor Kartini found that it was one of the admins of her Instagram account who is responsible for the story posted. The admin intended to share the story on her own account, however, the person had misused her account instead.

As the situation went out of control, Noor Kartini had issued a statement clarifying that she had never did this and will never gave authority and permission for her admins to post anything that has the elements of politics on her Instagram account.

Meanwhile, she wanted to express her apology to the Johor state palace, especially DYMM Tuanku Sultan of Johor and all members of the royal family.

In her statement, she shared the conversation between her and the social media manager at Noor Khan International Sdn Bhd, whereby the individual said that he had deleted the post where there were 0 views.

Noor Kartini replied, “It doesn’t matter who posted it, but the problem is that it’s my Instagram account. People don’t wanna listen to other people’s story. Now, I have to face this mess.”

The individual then apologised to Noor Kartini, saying “Yes Datin, I’m sorry. I have no intention of troubling you or your family. I will clear this mess and accept whatever decision you make. I also understand that this is not a small matter. I will not take lightly anything regarding the Institution of the King.”

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

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