Thursday, December 8, 2022

Shopee is updating their Shipping Policy w.e.f. 17 June

Social NewsShopee is updating their Shipping Policy w.e.f. 17 June

Attention, Shopee users! Shopee will no longer provide shoppers the option to choose their courier service with effective from 17 June. On the other hand, Shopee will automatically allocate the most suitable and most cost-effective courier service to users through the Shopee system!

It was previously reported that Shopee allows users to choose their courier service before checking out. This way, users can avoid the courier service which provide poor quality of service. However, starting 17 June, users were given only 3 options for the courier service, and they are:

  • Standard delivery
  • Economy delivery
  • Other

For Standard delivery, the Shopee system will automatically assign 1 of their 7 courier services, after taking into consideration the cost and location of the delivery. Users were not give an option in this regard.

Some users are willing to pay extra for courier service, as they are confident towards the service provided by certain courier services. Meanwhile, some courier service continues to give people unpleasant experience despite charging lesser.

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