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Couple found sleeping on Footpath rescued by Steven Sim

Social NewsCouple found sleeping on Footpath rescued by Steven Sim

An unfortunate couple was found sleeping by the roadside near Taman Bidara, Bukit Mertajam and they were subsequently rescued by Steven Sim, Bukit Mertajam Member of Parliament (MP).

According to Steven, the couple was from Kelantan and they recently moved to Penang to make a living. Unfortunately, they failed to find a job as the Movement Control Order (MCO) hits Malaysia and were forced to sleep on the footpath for 3 nights with no access to food.


Steven said he immediately rush to look for them after learning about the couple’s situation. He also learnt that the the couple would rummage through garbage to search for items to sell during the day and had been on the streets for a few days after failing to pay rent. He added that he wasn’t willing to let them sleep on the streets anymore.

Last night (29 May), with Steven’s help, the couple were able to stay a night in a hotel. Steven in his Facebook said, “Shah and Siti, your suffering ends here. Tonight, sleep well in the hotel. Tomorrow we start a new life.”


In addition, Steven brought them to shop for some daily supplies as promised to help them stand up on their feet again. He said that he got them some job offers, however, he will require them to rest and plan for their future during these 2 weeks of MCO.

Steven even rented an apartment for them and he promised to bear the rent until they are able to pay them on their own.

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