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PAS MP is offering RM20 for Kota Bharu residents to get vaccinated

Social NewsPAS MP is offering RM20 for Kota Bharu residents to get vaccinated

As the Covid-19 cases are surging in Kelantan, PAS Member of Parliament (MP) for the Kelantan’s capital city and Law Minister, Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan is now offering RM20 as an incentive to get the residents of Kota Bharu to get themselves vaccinated.

The announcement was made on Facebook and it quickly attracted the attention of many. In the announcement, he said that the incentive will start this Sunday (30 May) and it can be collected at the service centre of the Kota Bharu MP.

Source: Facebook

However, he said that this incentive is exclusive only for who are a registered voter of the Kota Bharu Parliamentary constituency. In addition, you’ll need to present your Identification Card (IC) at the Kota Bharu centre, as well as the proof of vaccination.

Takiyuddin said that they will be providing free shuttle service for the residents who have no transport to the vaccination centre. As for those who require the service, or have any inquiries, you are welcomed to dial 09-747 3668 and the Kota Bharu MP office will be gladly to offer their help.

Recently, there were discussions on whether the Government should provide some incentive for the public to get themselves registered. However, there were claims that the Government had spent on a humongous budget to jump start the economy and they were left with a thin wallet now.

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