Thursday, December 8, 2022

Netizen bought Gaming mouse without Mom’s knowledge and asks the Seller for help!

Social NewsNetizen bought Gaming mouse without Mom's knowledge and asks the Seller for...

Recently, a netizen bought a gaming mouse from a online platform without his mom’s knowledge about it. Being from an Asian household, it is expected that if our moms find out about this, we’ll grounded for wasting money on unnecessary stuff.

To avoid being nagged by his mom, this netizen sent the seller a private message, requesting them to use discreet packaging when delivering the fancy gaming mouse to his home. What’s more surprising is that the seller agreed without any hesitation!

Source: Facebook

While many sellers may ignore such a request, this seller brought their customer service to the next level.

When the teenager received the parcel, he was surprised with what the seller did. The seller indeed wraps the parcel with a simple white plastic sheet, and wrote “books for study” on the parcel. Fortunately, this netizen successfully “escaped” the nagging from his mom.

Source: Facebook

Delighted with the seller’s customer service, the netizen could not help but to share his experience on social media. While his post went viral, there were many that praised the seller for their excellent customer service and commented that they deserve a “6 star” rating.

However, some netizens warned the netizen that his mom may be active on social media and finds out that he bought a fancy gaming mouse.

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