Thursday, December 8, 2022

myBurgerLab offers a RM10 Discount on Your Next Meal if you are Vaccinated!

Food & BeveragemyBurgerLab offers a RM10 Discount on Your Next Meal if you are...

myBurgerLab had been famous for their black charcoal buns that gives your taste buds a taste of the heavens.

As an initiative to encourage the public to get vaccinated, myBurgerLab had started the “I’m Vaccinated” campaign on the myBurgerLab+ App.

Individuals who are vaccinated can now submit their applications through the myBurgerLab+ app and will you will receive an RM10 mBL voucher upon verification. You’ll be eligible to claim the voucher even though you have only received the first dose!

If you are unaware that myBurgerLab have an application of their own, you can download it at Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The campaign had went live now and myBurgerLab had yet to announce when will it end.

Source: Instagram

What are you wait for? Get vaccinated and claim the voucher now!

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