Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Man brings a DIY Mask to Langkawi Vaccination Centre for Extra Protection!

Social NewsMan brings a DIY Mask to Langkawi Vaccination Centre for Extra Protection!

The Covid-19 situation in Malaysia is worsening and the daily cases have been breaking records for 4 consecutive days, reaching even up to 8,000 today (28 May)!

Recently, a man at a vaccination centre in Langkawi was caught wearing a DIY face mask that is modified from a snorkeling mask. The photo quickly went viral on social media as netizens finds it hilarious.

According to Harian Metro, Langkawi District Health Officer, Dr Mansor Ismail confirmed that the man had indeed came to Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) Sports Complex on Tuesday (25 May) for his vaccination appointment.

Source: Facebook

It is understood that the man received the vaccination appointment through the MySejahtera application.

Dr Mansor added the man arrived at the registration counter on the day, dressing normally while getting himself registered. However, during the monitoring session, he took the device from his bag he was carrying and wore it over his head, covering his face.

Source: Facebook

Based on the conversation between him and a health officer, he was not suffering from any respiratory related illness and they did not enquire further for his reason of wearing such a mask. However, he managed to attract the public’s attention.

Do you think this mask will help given that the situation in Malaysia is going from bad to worse? Share your thoughts!

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