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Land Public Transport Agency Reveals Timeline Of The LRT Train Crash

The Land Public Transport Agency (APAD) has issued a detailed timeline on the LRT train crash that occurred last night, 24 May.

In a statement, APAD explained that they received a report around 8.47pm regarding a collision involving trains TR40 and TR81, which took place between the KLCC LRT station and Kampung Baru LRT station.

Preliminary investigations found out that the accident was caused by the train hostler (driver) of the empty TR40 coach who manoeuvred the train in the wrong direction.

At 8.21pm, the empty coach was en route from Gombak to the Subang Depot by Automated Train Operation (ATO). However, the train experienced a time-out and stopped while it was approaching the Kampung Baru LRT station.

The time-out was caused by the vehicle’s failure to operate by ATO as the Vehicle On-Board Controller (VOBC) reached a halt.

The operations control centre had then identified the location of the TR40 train and instructed the hostler to manoeuvre the train manually from the Kampung Baru LRT station to the Dang Wangi LRT station in order to allow southbound trains to continue operating.

At the same time, coach TR81, which was operating automatically by ATO, was in a stationary position at the southbound KLCC LRT station platform.

At 8.24pm, TR81 moved from the KLCC LRT station to the Kampung Baru LRT station after receiving information that TR41 had left the platform and was headed to the Dang Wangi LRT station.

At 8.33, a train hostler contacted the operations control centre to inform that TR40 had crashed into another train.

APAD concluded that the hostler in charge of TR40 was meant to head south towards the Dang Wangi LRT station. However, they had moved north, causing a collision between the two trains.

One minute after they were informed of the accident, at 8.34pm, the operations control centre identified TR81, with 213 passengers on board, as the train that collided with TR40. Around 8.50pm, the fire and rescue department, along with officers from the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) arrived at the KLCC LRT station.

At 8.45pm, passengers began to be removed from the train.

By 9.23pm, all passengers had been transferred. 47 people sustained severe injuries and were sent to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital while 166 people sustained minor injuries and were treated immediately at the scene.

Read the brief report here:


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