Thursday, December 8, 2022

Israeli ‘Intelligence’ Prototype Plane caught entering Malaysia’s airspace before Landing In Singapore

NewsIsraeli 'Intelligence' Prototype Plane caught entering Malaysia's airspace before Landing In Singapore

Malaysia had been supporting Palestine ever since the war broke out between Israel and Palestine. Given our stance, it is obvious that Malaysians do not see eye to eye with Israel.

Recently, a prototype Israeli ‘intelligence’ plane had reportedly entered the Malaysia airspace. According to Sinar Harian, the plane was conducting a test flight across Putrajaya airspace, before landing in Singapore.

Source: Facebook

Defence analyst, Zaki Salleh said that it was supposed to be a normal flight from the previous communications. Unexpectedly, the aircraft that arrived was fully equipped with electronic intelligence hardware, which caught the attention of many.

Zaki added that there is a possibility that the Israeli aircraft is testing their latest system in the long-haul flight to see the effectiveness of their equipment.

“If true as reported, the Boeing 732-400 aircraft with the registration number, 4X-AOO, belongs to IAI-Elta company which is an electronic intelligence aircraft. This plane is used as a testing platform for radar and electronic equipment,”

Source: Facebook

In addition, Zaki explained that the aircraft equipped with various sophisticated sensing systems, the purpose of its presence in Singapore raises questions too.

Meanwhile, Flightradar24 confirmed that the aircraft had landed in the Paya Lebar Airport in Singapore is now in the Singapore’s military airbase.

In 1965, Singapore and Israel had formed diplomatic ties after gaining independence from Malaysia. Ever since, Israel had helped Singapore to build their armed forces, based on reports by The Straits Times.

Currently, their relationship were strengthened and goes beyond security into trade, culture and research.

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