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MKN said Covid-19 cases among Children increased drastically, a “Wake up” call for Parents

Social NewsMKN said Covid-19 cases among Children increased drastically, a "Wake up" call...

When it comes to the high risk group for Covid-19, many often thought that they consist of only senior citizens who are above 60 year-old. Our polices are thus design to provide more support for this group of people, for example, giving them priority when it comes to vaccination.

However, we all forgot that children are having the same risk of being infected by Covid-19 too.

Source: Malay Mail

In a recent press release by the National Security Council (MKN), they said that there was a significant increase in Covid-19 cases among children as compared to the cases reported throughout 2020.

“If before this, senior citizens were a high-risk group of being infected by Covid-19, it seems as though the threat of the virus has spread to children as well.”

In the statement, MKN stated that there were 41,971 babies and children aged between one and a half years old to 12 years old have been tested positive with Covid-19. Whereas, 6,290 infants aged below 1 year old were reported to be tested positive.

MKN then said that the development of the situation is very worrying and it should be taken as a wake-up call by everybody, especially parents. MKN continue saying that as adults, we are responsible for protecting our children from the virus.

Hence, apart from complying to the SOP, it is necessary for us to practice “self-lockdown” to prevent ourselves, our children and loved ones from getting infected with Covid-19.

In addition, parents are advised to keep an eye on their children and discourage them from playing outside the house, encourage the use of face masks and ensuring that they frequently use hand sanitisers.

Even though the cases had reach 7,000 yesterday, Health Director-General, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said that the worst is yet to come. Hence, its best we take extra precaution and stay indoors to curb the Covid-19 virus.

Read the full statement here:


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