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2nd round of AstraZeneca vaccine registration fully booked within an hour!

The second round of Astra Zeneca vaccination opt-in registration for individuals below 60 in 5 states started 12 p.m. on 26 May.

As expected, at 12 p.m. sharp, Malaysians stood in front of the devices and started refreshing the webpage from the Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) to get themselves register for the vaccination.

However, just within an hour after the registration open, CITF took it to their Twitter stating that the registrations were officially closed at 1.27 p.m.


In the tweet, CITS said that those who have successfully registered for the vaccination will receive an appointment soon within 48 hours starting today.

The registration was supposed to start at 12 p.m., however, it was delayed to 12.15. p.m. as the website is facing technical issues. Many Malaysians were left frustrated as they had to refresh the website multiple times before the “Register here” button appear for them to proceed with the registration.

Source: Reuters

Meanwhile, some were frustrated about the poor user interface for the AstraZeneca opt-in vaccine registration and the multiple glitches, such as being unable to view the vaccine distribution centres despite refreshing the website multiple times.

Users complained that they were forced to refresh the page and re-enter all the details for over an hour only to be blocked from submitting their applications.

Despite those complaints, CITS announced that more than 300,000 bookings were made for the AstraZeneca vaccine within an hour. Responding to the complaints, they acknowledged that many users had been facing difficulty in accessing the page but they’ve asked them to try again soon.

Those who have successfully registered for the vaccination, congratulations! As for those who did not, let’s hope that the next round of registration will pop up soon.

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