Friday, December 2, 2022

17 YO Malaysian Girl shares her story on buying a Honda Civic with Cash

Social News17 YO Malaysian Girl shares her story on buying a Honda Civic...

While many said that higher education is required for one to be successful in life. This 17 year-old Malaysian girl proves them wrong!

A netizen, who goes by the name of shzkyle11 on TikTok, shared her success story of earning her first bucket of gold. Despite having just finish her Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) examination, she was able to buy a Honda Civic with cash in just a month after her venture into business!


alhamdulillah umur 17 tahun dah dapat beli kereta honda civic cash . hasil sebulan berniaga . nak tak i share how dpt beli kereta @ayunieso24 #fyp

♬ bunyi asal – nrhaniy_ – nrhaniy_

According to her other TikTok videos, she is in the business of selling VitaMilk and she started earning a small amount too. However, her hard work pays off and she is able to generate sales of RM200,000 a day now.

In addition to her success story, she shared that she is now able to support her family with a better lifestyle. She is able to purchase jewelry that she fancy without asking for support from anybody.

Lastly, she hope that this will inspire everybody to chase after their dreams as it may one day be their success story too! Meanwhile, netizens were proud of her for her achievements!

Source: TikTok

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