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Netizens are now mocking the government with #KerajaanBodoh

Source: Twitter

Previously, #KerajaanGagal had been trending on Twitter as netizens expressed their disappointment towards the Government’s failure to handle the pandemic and the country’s affairs.

Following the Government’s announcement on the tighter SOPs to curb Covid-19 in Malaysia, netizens had since then created a new hashtag to mock the Government’s policies.

#KerajaanBodoh is the new hashtag created by netizens to express their dissatisfaction with the revised SOP under the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Source: The Edge

According to Twitter, there over 16,200 tweets posted under this new hashtag and the numbers are still increasing over time!

Among the SOPs that netizens weren’t satisfied were the limitation of employees to be present at office. According to the previous SOP, there were a limit of only 30% of employees were allowed to be in the office. However, according to the revised SOP, the Government had prescribed that 80% of the government servants and 40% of those from the private sector were allowed to be in office. This is contradicting to the intention of tightening the SOP.

Meanwhile, another proposed SOP was shopping time of shoppers were limited to only 2 hours once they enter the premise. This may be a great idea to limit the traffic in a premise, however, its not so when it comes to implementation.


Apart from that, a netizen commented why does the public and private sector needs to operate while the Parliament is not.

Despite that, netizens are looking forward for other leaders to help Malaysia to get out of this unfavourable situation. The very first candidate that they look out to is Jacinda Ardern from New Zealand!

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