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Malls are now flooded with Shoppers after EMCO announcement!

After the announcement by the Defence Minister, Ismail Sabri, that more areas will be put under Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO), unexpectedly, the public went on shopping frenzy again in fear that there will be nothing left for them.

According to the press release, EMCO will be imposed in these 15 areas in Terengganu, 24 in Pahang, 2 in Kelantan, 4 in Perak, 5 in Sabah, 1 in Sarawak, and 1 in Johor. The EMCO is schedule to start on 22 May ends on 4 June.

Despite experiencing the previous MCOs, it seemed that people still have not learn that individuals are allowed to go out to buy groceries provided that it does not violate the SOP.

Netizens who pass by the malls had share photos of how crowded it is and it is believed that people started to panic buy and stock up groceries and essential products to get through the MCO.

Nonetheless, it is advised to not over-buy groceries as it will be wasteful if one do not consume them before it expires. Even so, stocking up goods could possibly led to a shortage of certain essential products which could be detriment to those in need.

Once again, malls and grocery stalls are allowed to operate during the MCO and everybody will be able to grab their groceries provided they comply with the SOP.

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