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Netizen’s parcel was received and signed-off by her Shoe Rack!

Social NewsNetizen's parcel was received and signed-off by her Shoe Rack!

Online shopping is gradually becoming the norm in our current society. It is one of the main options that we have when it comes to shopping for groceries ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

Despite being convenient, there’s one weakness in online shopping and that is you being unable to receive the parcel as you are away from home!

Unfortunately, if nobody signs off the parcel when the delivery arrives, the parcel will be sent back to the warehouse of the service provider. You’ll need to make a trip to the designated place to collect your parcel.

Recently, a netizen wasn’t at home to receive her parcel and she ordered the delivery guy to place the parcel inside her house and take a photo of it.

Later that day, while she was checking for the records of the delivery, she was surprised that the parcel was received and signed-off by her shoe rack!

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

The netizen shared her extraordinary experience to Facebook and it quickly went viral. She said that she was out for her classes and was unable to receive the parcel. When the parcel arrived, she leave a Whatsapp message to the delivery Abang and authorised him to throw the parcel into her house.

The delivery Abang agreed and placed the parcel carefully on her shoe rack. The process seemed seamless and she was able to receive her parcel safely too. What’s more surprising is that the delivery had been signed off by the shoe rack!

As the delivery Abang left the parcel on the shoe rack, the sign-off was stated as shoe rack too.

Source: Facebook

Netizens burst into laughter after reading the post and commended the delivery Abang for not simply throwing the parcel on the ground.

One netizens even shared that he worked at a veterinary and the delivery Abang left the parcel with the cats. The parcel was then signed-off by the cats in his veterinary.

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